Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So I want to post each day about what my scheduled training was and what actually happens(ha!) So here we go, I'm a day late already!

Yesterday was supposed to be strength and stretch. I stretched at home, it was a long day at work then I had my nephew's birthday party so I just didn't quite make it to the gym. I did at least stretch though.

Today was a 3 mile run. I met up with a girlfriend at the gym and did 2 miles of hills on the TM. I figure the hills kind of make up for the lack of a mile. PLUS we went shopping afterward and I walked another hour or so. I'm beat!

Tomorrow is two mile run or cross. So I will probably(this is the plan) do pilates in in the morning with a friend then swim after. If neither happen, then I will run 2 mi in the afternoon.

So I just got home, it's almost 9 pm, and I'm just about to eat dinner. Work was a little hectic today and we worked through lunch and finally ate around 3 pm. So I wasn't hungry but now after all my fun this evening, I'm starving. I put some cayenne pepper on two boneless skinless chicken breasts and put some quinoa in my rice cooker. Easy peasy. Throw some soy sauce(low sodium, organic and gluten free) on the quinoa and you've got a tasty meal. The second chicken breast I will probably save for dinner tomorrow since the hubbs is out of town until this weekend. But in the process of waiting for my dinner to be done I've also got my breakfast and snacks packed for tomorrow and the coffee pot set and ready to go. Oh wait....the coffee pot is set for 7, if I go to the gym at 5:30...hmm.... Well now I'm off to figure out what to do about the coffee! Gnight!

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