Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A good day

Dear Victoria's Secret,
Thank you for the Incredible Racerback Bra. It's so amazingly comfortable and I no longer suffer from uniboob. You made both myself and the hubs very happy.

A loyal customer

Dear M,
Thank you my dear friend for the gift card for Victoria's Secret so I could get previously mentioned bra for half price.

Dear husband,
Thank you for taking me to get my new bra, plus the make up I wanted, AND taking me to The Container Store to get the jars I wanted for the pantry. And my new travel containers for breakfast/lunch.
Your happy wife.

Steps toward progress. I got a couple snack size air tight containers to take veggies and fruit to work. I also got one of those cups that you can put the cereal in the top bowl part and the little bottom cup that attaches to it holds milk. I used it a bit differently. I put some greek yogurt and half a banana in the top and in the bottom some soy milk mixed with green monster. So now I have a good breakfast and snacks. I'll probably still eat out for lunch, it's kind of a daily thing with the guys, I'll just stick to my principles and not eat anything too crazy. Tonight while doing all the above mentioned shopping we stopped into Red Robin. I know, I know, what the heck is there that is even remotely healthy? Here's my answer: The blackened chicken sandwich, minus mayo, and onion. I only took the onion off b/c I don't like them. Ha! I also ordered just the sandwich so I didn't stuff my face with fries and a water.

But honestly, I think the *biggest* thing that has changed in my eating habits is that I no longer clean my entire plate. I for the longest time had convinced myself that I absolutely had to eat everything on my plate. Now, I have a full glass of water before I eat, eat slowly and when I feel full, I stop. Cleaning up my late lead to so much over eating and extra calories that it was unhealthy. Just something to think about!


  1. Oh I got that racer back bar too! I love it. I now can not worry about my straps falling down all day. Best bra ever made!

  2. I JUST had red robbin haha! I had the burnin burger with everything on it lol. Oh well, you only live once ;)

  3. LOL, thanks Em, I feel better. :)

    And A - I love it too!


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