Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm baaaack!

So down in southeeastern Ohio/no-man's land, there's no internet or cell service. Well, ok, they have dial up and if you stand on the top of the hill with one leg up and tin foil on your head you may get a bar for your cell. So I've been out of the loop, so a belated Merry Christmas to all! I hope you all had a wonderful time with friends and family and got what you'd been wishing for! I got quite the haul!

- Garmin watch(birthday/Christmas)
- A Nike DriFit shirt that says "This is my kick butt shirt" Thanks cousins!
- New crock pot, with a fancy design and everything!
- A ninja blender, juicer, food processor. I'm very excited to use this to start making my own Green Monsters and protein shakes!
- A heavy wicking REI tech shirt with thumb holes
- A Dick's Sporting Goods GC
- A cute black sweater
- Hat/gloves/scarf combo
- Windshield washer fluid(inside joke with my father in law)
- Some cash(to get new boots and some more running gear!)

So, I'm pretty stoked. Today starts my half marathon training. Today is a strength and stretch day so I'm going to try and do a yoga class this afternoon. I also had a slight "a-ha" moment yesterday. After four days of eating junk, sugars, processed foods, greasy foods, etc. I felt like CRAP. It could have been worse, I combated some of it with my own tactics. We took fruits and veggies and left over home made pulled pork on the road with us. I only drank water and coffee and worked out every day except Saturday and Sunday. I only had two cans of pop the entire weekend and a few cookies and a couple pieces of pie. Yesterday on the way home we had some Penn Station subs(meh, not terrible for you) but then stopped at Hooters for dinner. Whenever we stop somewhere new we try to find a Hooters because I collect shirts from each one. So I figured I may as well have my last junk meal and ate half of a cheeseburger and some fried pickles. Started off today with greek yogurt and some fruit and home made coffee. I've also finally weaned myself down to drinking almost black coffee! I can do it black but this morning I wanted a little something so I used n/f french vanilla creamer with no sugar.

These posts are probably going to get very health and fitness related as my training progresses so if that bores you, you may need to find another blog. If not, stick around!

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