Thursday, December 16, 2010

That's it!

My eating will get better and I will start working out more. I should not have put on 6 pounds in the last two months. Period. Clean eating, no more eating out, and getting my butt back in the gym. See what happens when I stop training for a race?

On that note, dinner tonight was yummy. I made chili rubbed tilapia, fresh asparagus and quinoa in my new rice cooker! The tilapia was seasoned with some ground chili pepper, ground cayenne pepper(we like spicy!) and a bit of fine sea salt. The asparagus I steamed and threw some garlic in with it for flavor.

For a workout tonight I did NROLFW workout 1A.

2 sets of squats (50 lbs + bar)
2 sets of seated rows (40 lb)
2 sets of push ups (12 ea)
2 sets of step ups (12.5 lb dumbbells in each hand, that's all that was free)
2 sets of prone jack knifes (8 ea)

I was hoping to swim but alas the pool was full and didn't feel like waiting for a lane.

That leads me to my vent: Why is it guys like to stand around, jaw jack, and pretend they're doing something. I get in, do my sets, get out. Done. The squat rack is on the very back wall of the gym. So as soon as I get on the floor, I lock eyes on it to see if anyone is on/next to it and if it's in use. With no one in sight, the whole time, I walk over and get ready to take the weights off when out of nowhere this guys chimes in with "I'm using that." I'm like "what? where were you?" Apparently he left the weights on to go do a set on another machine. Fine, can I at least work in so I can do sets between yours. Oh no, he wants to use it now and moves a bench under it to do another exercise. Ugh. For some reason, I hardly ever see a chick do this. The 3 or 4 other ladies who are in the free weights lifting are the same as me. Claim your spot, do your stuff get out. And I saw so many guys with bad form that I wanted to stop them all and correct them. Oh well, can't win 'em all I suppose.

/end rant.

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