Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have the itch

Not like that you nasty minds! ;)

The itch to RUN! I haven't had a good run outside in DAYS. Our temps have been in the single digits, normally no big deal, but the windchill is -20 and bitter. Damn "windy city." Alas, I have not run outside. I got my new Garmin watch and I want to break it out dang it! And then I see this glorious news for tomorrow

23 degrees, feels like 12 with the windchill.

This means, I will be bringing my running clothes to work to better my chances of going for a run while the sun is high and warm. If I *have* to, I'll run during lunch.

Tonight I'll go lift and then we have volleyball. It's a dreaded late game so we don't start until 9:15. I'm usually in bed about 15 minutes after that so I hate these late games. Oh well, next week is our last one.

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