Sunday, December 5, 2010

The best weekend

Why? We did NOTHING. We haven't had a weekend where absolutely nothing needed to be done. Ok, I take that back, I took the cat to the vet for the weird scab thing that appeared on his head but other than that. Nada, zip, zilch. We sat around yesterday watching tv, I did some mindless cleaning. Today, slept in, went to lunch with a friend then got our new internet installed and now we're watching the Steeler's play. It's the most relaxing weekend we've had in I can't remember how long.

I don't want to get into full 1/2 marathon training yet. So I'm going to start swimming and biking and doing some strength training to build myself for the next few weeks before I get back into running big time. I'll still run, especially since I've found a new love for winter running, just less mileage and easy paces.

Enough mindless rambling, I'm going to go figure out why I hear pots and the stove going in the kitchen and my husband disappeared. ;)

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