Saturday, December 4, 2010

It hurts to good!

Today I took my first real winter run.

I laid out two outfits. One for running and one for post run.

Running outfit:
Lululemon Alpine tights
Nike dri-fit tank top
Nike dri-fit long sleeve running shirt
Bright orange reflective windbreaker with turtleneck
Socks(nothing special....yet)
Hat and gloves

Post run outfit:
Lululemon yoga pants
Ohio State hoodie
Clean and dry socks

Now it may sound like that's not enough layers. I mean it's 31 degrees and snowing. But it was plenty. I still got a sweat, a good sweat. The only thing really exposed was my face. I put some heavy duty lotion on my face before I headed out the door and it seemed to do me just fine. Some people wear balaclavas but I don't know if I'll invest in one yet.

I also made sure before I left to put a mug with water in the microwave and my jar of peppermint cocoa that my friend made on the counter.

First, my Ipod wasn't charged, I threw it on the charger for a bit before I left so I had just enough battery to run about 30 minutes. THEN, I broke my stupid headphones on the way out the door. The cord got caught on the door knob which yanked them from my ears AND the little part that plugs into your Ipod, was still in there. The cord had separated but that little metal adapter stuck out like a little middle finger. Ugh. So I pulled it out and decided to run without headphones. I just put my Ipod on loud enough I could hear it but it wouldn't disturb anyone, even though there was no one out, lol.

The cold weather and snow was really exhilarating. The cold air burns as it fills your lungs but feels great as it goes out warm. You can count your breathing by seeing the little puff of steam in front of you when you exhale. Winter has a beautiful calm about it, which I don't think I've ever appreciated until today. Everything has a fresh coat of white, our roads were already plowed so I had a clear, mostly dry path. It was fun to see everyone's holiday decorations; the lights, one house had holiday music, little inflatable characters. It wasn't just a usual stroll through the same neighborhood that I've always run through. It was much more fun and festive.

As soon as I walked in the house, I hit the button on the microwave to warm the water in my mug. I went and stripped all workout clothes(since everything is wet and cold) and put on my sweats I had laid out. Now I'm curled up in my sweats with my warm peppermint cocoa.

You may ask why I didn't get straight into the shower as most would normally do post run. I've read a lot about winter running and they actually recommend you let your body temp return to normal(time allowing) before jumping in the warm shower. Taking your skin from cold to warm, even though it may not feel too cold, can be kind of painful. Have you ever run cold hands or toes under warm water and you get that "pins and needles" feeling? The pricks, tingles, and itchiness is nothing I really want to deal with so I'll shower here shortly when my temps return to normal.

The cold air is going to take a little getting used to. My lungs hurt a bit and I'm coughing a bit. It's a good burn though!


  1. Okay. Now you have me wanting to go on a run. I haven't been on one in forever and going on a cold one sounds exhilarating. Time to go suit up!

  2. And you know what's funny!? Omg hahahah. You know the thing where you have to verify words in order for your comment to appear? The word I had to verify was COLDSTUFF I kid you not! hahahha. Oh the irony.

  3. LOL. It's a sign! It's all a sign! Enjoy your run love!

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. It helps me feel connected even when we can't talk. I miss you and love you. You are an inspiration.

  5. Great timing on the post! I will totally get my butt outside for a run tomorrow...and maybe even register for that marathon...

  6. Thanks mom! :) Love you too.

    Kier - Hopefully soon I will review thick winter running socks. My toes were cold today. And register already! :)


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