Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It works!

I finally got my DetermiNation page set up for the Chicago Rock 'n' Roll Half next August. The button on the right now actually works. :)

Also, we just went to Olive Garden for my birthday(which is actually tomorrow but I'll be out of town). YUM! And the waitress gave me extra chocolate Andes! Woot!

Product reviews:

1) Adidas ClimaCool socks.

I got them in a secret santa exchange from a message board that I frequent. These were kind of "eh" for me. I wore them yesterday to work out and they were great then. I played volleyball after and they got a bit warm. It could also have been the fact that they turned up the heat in the gym so it was hot anyway but I'm not sure. However they are super comfortable, fit well, don't bunch up and are really lightweight. I think they'll make a great everyday/light workout sock.

2) Smart Wool socks. OMG. Love. I am in love. I got two pairs, one for running and one was their kind of everyday sock. Today at work I figured I'd be outisde for a while so I wore my everyday/hiking ones. My toes were warm, even standing out in the snow for an hour. I went for a run after work and it was around 9 degrees. My toes were toasty warm, but not sweaty. They're also super comfortable. The every day socks I got were kind of thick and bulky so I may just wear the running socks all the time. They're soft, warm, don't bunch and are cute. What more could you ask for?

Running socks

Regular socks

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