Monday, December 6, 2010

Product Reviews

To follow. I invested in my first pair of smart wool running socks. Supposedly the best running socks, especially for winter weather. I will also try to pick up some Nike Dri-fit socks since those were also recommended. I also got a pair of YakTrax Pros. They're things that go over your shoes to give you stability and traction in snow/ice. People actually wear them for winter running. So, look for reviews in the next few days. The socks I'll wear for my run tomorrow. The YakTrax I will probably wait until the next snow(Thurs, b/c it always snows on my birthday) and hopefully I'll get the Nike socks soon.

Not much else going on around the IG household. Super busy week, I have a conference tomorrow, busy day of police work on Wed, then I go out of town for a class Thurs-Fri and drill this weekend. Yep. Busy busy busy. :)

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