Monday, December 20, 2010

Holy cow!

We leave for Ohio Wednesday! Christmas is Saturday! I start half training on Monday! Time is flying by and 2011 will be here before we know it! Let's talk about goals shall we? I say goals, not resolutions. I feel goals are more attainable because I feel there's less restriction like "AHHHH I HAVE to do it THIS year!"

So far I have

*Run a half marathon
*Run a sub 30 5K
*Keep up on strength training, don't let running take over
*Lose 15 lbs
*Spend more time on me and bettering myself
*Get my green belt in Judo(already have a yellow)
*Keep at least a 3.0
*Pay off debt(Jeep you're lucky I love you)
*Refresh my Spanish
*Find a permanent job/career
*Stay on top of cleaning the house throughout the week instead of a huge cleaning on the weekend
*Cook at home more, eat out only once a week
*FINISH MY ASSOCIATES(the thing is taking forever)
* Make E-6 in the Army
*Meet my bff at the gym at least one a week

That's it so far.

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