Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My husband rocks!

I wanted to go to the store after work today. Mainly for vinegar so I could laundry but I knew we needed milk too. He said he wanted to go so I stopped at home to pick him up. He says he's not ready to come upstairs and we'll leave in a few. Anyone who knows me will understand that it's a HUGE peeve of mine. I'd rather just go by myself than wait, once I have my mind set to something, I want to do it then and there. But he was insistent so I finally went upstairs. And as I walk in the door, we're talking in the entry way, he empties the paper towel roll, throws me the empty thing and asks me to throw it away. And I find....

He put in my pantry shelves! Thanks for the idea Em!He said he wasn't feeling well this morning so he took the day off. He apparently felt well enough to go get the shelving kit and install them while I was at work. The original white shelves we wanted wouldn't fit, but these are perfect! I'm SO excited! He even moved most of the stuff I wanted in there already. Now I need some new jars to put other things like quinoa, flax, etc. in there!

Then we went to Whole Foods and I found myself making some more healthy choices and trying some new things. I switched to soy milk since I've heard that it's good and better for you than regular milk. I got a vanilla flavored one and it's SUPER good! I had some with dinner. I also got some greek yogurt, fresh fruits and veggies to take to work and a bottle of green machine. Yes I got a bottle because it's hard to get apples and stuff this time of year to make it.

Now I'm off to head to the gym to lift and play volleyball!

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