Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5:00 is early!

But I made it out of bed and into pilates! I did not get to swim, I forgot how long the class is and had to get ready and head straight to work. I'm debating a run or swim later. The office is pretty slow since most of the guys are on vacation. I feel a headache coming on so I may just go home and take a nap then see how I feel. I did however, find some recipes for snacks at our NYE party. We're not big on crowds and since we're going to Colorado next weekend we didn't want to do anything crazy for NYE. So we're going to a Japenese steak house for dinner then back to our house for some food and fun. I'm going to make home made ranch dressing for dipping veggies and low fat buffalo chicken dip with pita crackers. Yummy and good for you! I might find a low fat dessert to make but haven't decided yet. I'll post recipes after I actually make them and see how they turn out! :)

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