Sunday, December 12, 2010

To new traditions!

So the husband and I haven't really had much time home together for the holidays. Ever. Our first year we squeezed in both families at Christmas, then he shipped out to Iraq. Then we decided since our families live so far apart, we would swap families every year. So last year we had Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas was a Florida vacation with my family. This year we spent Thanksgiving day at home, then with my family for the weekend. We'll go to his families for Christmas but we'll have more time at home since he doesn't have to go anywhere until after the holidays. So we wanted to decorate this year. IG has always joked he wanted a Christmas palm tree. Growing up in Hawaii I kept telling him that they don't actually use palm trees as Christmas trees, although they do get decorated. Well I finally convinced him to buy a nice tree, since previously we had a junky little two foot fake tree. Today we went tree shopping and came home with...

All lit up

The topper

We don't have all the ornaments on yet. Just a few of our personal ones.

So, here's to new traditions! Happy Holidays!

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