Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spinach, goat cheese, and burger oh my!

Ok, the picture looks really gross but they were actually good. I forget where I read the recipe but they originally used ground turkey. Well I had hamburger out already so I just used that.

1 egg
1 can of spinach(strained and dried)
1 lb hamburger(ground turkey)
1/2 C of goat cheese

Stir ingredients in a small bowl. Form into pattys and fry in a skillet until cooked through.
They tasted really good! They could have used for cheese but we didn't have more and it was a last minute decision to make them. Next time we'll use more. The husband also forgot to put the egg in there so I think that's why they fell apart so easily. I'm definitely going to try this recipe again! Oh and that's quinoa on the side. :)

Last night was pretty relaxed. Work, home for dinner, school. Blah. So I'm thinking about switching to word press. Anyone use it? Love it? Hate it?

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