Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's like an orgasam.......for your mouth(product rave)

Did the title get your attention? Good! Because as much as I eat salads and veggies, I have tried and tried to find a salad dressing I really *love.* Ranch has always been a favorite of mine but it can be so heavy and full of junk that I thought our love affair was over. I thought that I would have to forever switch to balsamic vinegarette or italian. But alas, one day, wandering through whole foods I found this.

I bought two I love it so much!
This ranch dressing is made with yogurt and buttermilk. So it has the creaminess of good ranch. It has no trans fat, no preservatives or MSG, no artifical colors, flavors or sugars added.  It's gluten free and only has 70 calories per serving.


So imagine my sadness when I ran out of the best ranch dressing and been too lazy haven't had time to run to whole foods to get more.  Last night when I packed my lunch, I packed my BAS(big ass salad) and debated about what dressing to take. Sure we had italian and balsamic vinegar but it wasn't going to satisfy my craving for a fabulous salad dressing. I debated so long that I actually forgot to pack any dressing at all! So today before I opened my lunch box, I ran to the semi-large non chain grocery store down the road in hopes of finding something somewhat decent that I could just keep in the fridge at work.  Lo and behold, my love stood there waiting for me! I was so excited that I screamed grabbed two bottles. One for my office and one to take home.

Now, in primal eating, most milk and it's biproducts are frowned upon. However, since I eat a modified primal and I love my ranch dressing, I really don't think the occasional indulgence is going to hurt.  Is it the best option since 60 of it's 70 calories are from fat? Maybe, then again maybe not.  I'm no nutrition expert but I do know that I can read all the ingredients on the label(they even tell what is used to pasterize the milk!), it only has 70 calories per serving, it's a bolder flavor than other ranches so I use less and it's AMAZING! Try some. For real.

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