Monday, March 14, 2011

Looks like more training for me!

After my half next weekend(and some rest time) I will be training for a few things. First is my annual PT test with the Army in early April. Not too worried.  Then, I start training for a grueling competition in the end of May.  Why? Because I was selected in my company as Non-Commissioned Officer(NCO) of the year!

To explain it coloring book and crayon style in civilian terms, I hold a rank that is similar to, say, a shift manager. I have a few people under me but there are people over me.  So if your super awesome hard working shift manager was picked as manager of the year and then went to a competition with other stores in your region, that would be like my competition at our battalion. Tracking so far?  If I win at battalion level(regional stores) then I would go on to brigade level(think all the top winners of each region, so like sectionals). And IF I win brigade then I will go on to a state wide competition. Holy cow I'm nervous! It's such an honor to be hand selected by my commander as her NCOY candidate. I've got lots of studying to do!

So what exactly is in this competition? Well, here ya go:
*5 mile ruck march with a 35 lb pack.
*Army physical fitness test(will be given before the actual competition)
*A formal board, which is me in my dress uniform getting grilled by some higher ups about random Army history, regulations, so on and so forth.
* A social event which basically just shows you know how to conduct yourself in a formal setting and don't get schwasted and make a fool of yourself
* An obstacle course
* Individual weapons qualification(rifle shooting on the range)
* A written essay

I think that's it but I could be wrong. And this all happens in one weekend. Eeek! I have lots of support behind me and will start kicking some training booty just after my half next weekend. Although that was not the exciting news I planned to share(still waiting to hear back) it's still pretty awesome!


  1. Congrats on the NCO selection! Sounds hardcore...good luck! :)


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