Friday, March 18, 2011

Greetings from North Carolina!

I flew into North Carolina late last night and was picked up the beautiful and amazing Em from A life to Bragg about.  I was super drunk tired since it was about midnight so we headed to her house and crashed. This morning she made me breakfast of kale, spinach, onion, bacon and eggs. Sort of a scrambler. AH-MAZING. I'm sure she'll post pics, probably tomorrow.

 Then she whipped my booty gave me a light workout. We warmed up on Jacob's Ladder.  That thing kills!
Then we did some kettle bells. This is awesome! 

We did some squats and dead lifts.  I'm sure she'll post a full list of the workout since I just kind of mimicked what she did. Heh.   We finished by pushing the "sled" around a bit and cooled down on the rowing machine.

 Then she took me to a super awesome all natural and organic restaurant. It's called the Fresh Cafe and if you are ever in  Fayetteville, NC, make sure to stop by. The staff was super friendly and awesome.  We started with some fresh veggies(carrots, cucumbers, celery) and cayenne hummus.  Then I had the spiced Bulgar and black bean taco salad, minus the tortilla chips. It was SO good, it was spicy without being over whelming.  Super filling, I only ate half and brought the rest back which Em and I just finished eating. She had a roast beef quiche and crab soup which she annihilated!  Plus a cup of their organic black coffee and I was set.

Needless to say, I'm whopped and it's time for me to go to bed. We're heading up to VA beach tomorrow to pick up our packets and prepare for race day! I can't believe it's here! For those of you who are new we're running the Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon in VA Beach.  And it's sponsored by Yuengling ;) Which is why we picked this race, too bad Em can't partake in the adult beverages, but at least she'll be there with me! Toodles!

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