Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So the whole primal eating thing

Is going well. I slipped a bit and had some taco bell on my way to class last night but hey, stuff happens right. The big things I've noticed about this lifestyle change(not a diet) are

1) I don't get super bloated after I eat
2) I don't have crashes after sugar/carbs(since I don't eat them! ha!)
3) I'm in a fog/fatigue but I've read that it will pass after a few weeks of your body kind of "detoxing" from all the processed sugars and junk it's used to. It could also be my new meds.
4) All the extra protein makes my butt stinky. Like bad. Like peel the paint, my husband (with no sense of smell) and the cat runs away bad.
5) It's fairly easy to make primal choices while eating out. Mexican place? Eat fajitas with the meat and veggies, no cheese or tortillas but still yummy! Chinese? Stir fry! Meat, veggies(lots and lots) and a bit of spices. Ta-da! Semi casual dining? Steak! With a side of veggies or double side of veggies and if you ask nicely, they'll steam them in water instead of butter. ;)

Overall, I'm liking what I'm seeing and while I'm still learning and adjusting, I think this life style change is going to stick. I'm going semi stir crazy because I'm trying to take it easy with running since I may have shin splints. I'm going to run tomorrow(5) and probably not again until Sunday(8) and just add more crosstraining like the bike or elliptical. First 13.1 is in 3 weeks! Eek!

That's all I've got, sorry I'm boring tonight but I'm ready for bed!


  1. Ugh, you know how I feel about primal/paleo. Anyway, I awarded you some stylish blog award. Congrats, lol.

  2. LOL. You're so cute. Can't wait to see your face in a couple weeks! :D And thanks :)

  3. That is great that you have options when dining out. Sometimes that is the hardest part of dietary changes, and you don't want to be isolated. I must admit I don't know much or anything about primal eating. What is it all about?

  4. The main focus of primal eating is going back to what our ancestors ate. Meat, fruits and veggies, natural fats. No grains/carbs(which is why Em isn't a fan, lol) Eating good, quality, organic food. Grass fed animals without all the added nutrients from their food. Some cheeses and dairy are ok, things that are raw and don't have a bunch of additives and junk in them. I really enjoy it so far. I highly recommend checking out


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