Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have a twitter!

But since I'm inky about the internet and who "follows" me, please let me know if you're coming over to follow me. I have my tweets protected because I'm not a fan of random people finding me on twitter. I love followers, as long as I kinda know who they are! Follow me @amileinmyboots
Do any of you have allergies? My doctor has been switching my meds around because I have horrendous allergies year round. So bad that breathing at night is keeping me away and I sound like a smoker in the mornings. It's gross. So I'm trying to figure out if it's my allergy medicine that is drying me out so bad I have cotton mouth. I can't get enough water! And I drink a lot as it is! But I think it can also be a side effect of my Zoloft. Any ideas? If nothing else I'll bring it up at my next thyroid check up in a couple weeks.

So chuch went well last night. I think the husband was bored to tears confused since it was a VERY traditional Lutheran service.  But it was still nice to go. We're excited to try their "blended" service this weekend. We're even going with a couple friends of ours! I think this has been a great learning experience for the both of us.  He's learning my traditions and I'm learning to compromise(ha!).He even fasted with me yesterday and is trying the no meat thing on Fridays. He's a good sport.  I really hope he likes one of the other services because I really like this church so far.  But we've also agreed that if we can't find a compromise, we're ok with going to separate churches. We'll do our devotionals at home and have the same beliefs spiritually and I think that's what really matters.

Now I just need to mosey my way through the day to get home to the corned beef and cabbage I have cooking in the crock pot. Yum. I know St. Patty's isn't for a couple weeks but I promised the husband I'd make it before he left for his Army training on Sunday. Plus, I can't really turn down an excuse to make it. Guess it's the Irish in me.


  1. I like the new look of your page!

    My FIL is a Lutheran minister. Is it bad I had to ask the hubby yestereday if Lutherans are supposed to observe Ash Wednesday/Lent? I was raised baptists. Obviously religion wasn't forced on him at home since he's never observed it in the 8 yeras we've been together, lol.

    I've taken Claritin for over 10 years and I've found it hasn't been as effective the past couple allergy seasons. Now that Allegra is over the counter I may switch to that. I was on that for awhile a waaay back and I think it worked well. Zyrtec makes me tired. I hate the spring.

  2. Thanks! And you're funny. LOL. I was raised Lutheran so it's what I know. :)

    I have Rx strength Zyrtec(I think) I was on Singulair and it was horrible. It has been harder to get up in the morning(I take it at night) but she said it takes 30 days for it to fully take affect so I guess we'll talk about it at my next appointment. Claritin sucks for me, it does nothing. Thanks again :)

  3. I have a twitter. @danahc

    A isn't into church at all. He does come on Christmas and Easter tho. I guess that's all I can ask for. Religion is a deeply personal choice. He's totally cool with our kids being baptized Catholic too.

    Zoloft does give you cotton mouth. I have pollen allergies and issues with hayfever. No indoor allergies. My brother did when we were kids, so my mom got him one of those air purifier things. She also got the pillow and mattress covers that are supposed to be good for allergy sufferers. It made him feel a lot better.


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