Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's talk about Primal Eating.

The other day when I posted about how my primal eating was going, Carolyn asked me exatly what it was. Today I was searching the interwebz for some recipes that were primal and came across The Girl Gone Primal and found her post very interesting and to hit the nail on the head. I copied this little tidbit from her post "Like an animal"

"The primal/paleo movement is all about getting back to our natural lifestyles as evolution dictated, and yet we end up going further away from nature and into dark places of restriction and self-disgust when we make "mistakes", or covering our psychological issues with food in the guise that it's fine because it's paleo!

I'm not putting food up on a pedestal, like the vegetarian who dreams about bacon just because they won't let themselves eat it. Animals don't do that. Damaged, neurotic humans do. I can eat whatever I want. I desire healthy, nourishing foods because they give me energy and make my systems run smoothly. Sometimes I crave junkier food, and I'm permitting myself to satisfy that craving. Sometimes I feel fine after it, sometimes I feel a bit sick, but I never feel guilty. "

I am finding myself more concious of what I eat and making the decision not to eat junk because I know how I will feel afterwards. A part of my going primal/paleo was because of my allergy to what I think is gluten. *I self diagnosed myself after switching my diet around to figure out what was making me sick, I have never been diagnosed by a doctor* I want to eat things that make me feel good, give me energy, and keep me going. It's not about a "diet" that restricts things saying "you can't eat them." It's about eating what is good for you and feeling good about yourself.

I also recommend and his book, The Primal Blueprint. has a ton of good recipes and she even does talk shows! also has a ton of great information and recipes.

Hopefully this helps clear up some of the confusion and people don't think I'm nuts because I eat primal.


  1. I loved eating Paleo. So delicious. I'm testing out a modified Paleo right now that allows for beans, lentils, peanuts, and corn, and it's going pretty well.

    Anything that kicks flour and sugar to the curb tends to make me feel awesome. So rock out with your clean eating.

  2. Thanks Rose! I think that's what I'll head to eventually. :)


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