Monday, February 28, 2011

New swag!

I got my Skinny Runner shirts today! Thanks SR for sending them so fast! As promised, here's some pics. I can't wait to go run in them! They super comfortable, nicely made, light weight and fit well. Hopefully she'll get more made soon; make sure to follow her blog to be the first on the list for the next ones!

*Please don't mind the lighting, it's weird in here and all I had was my web cam.*

Team Skinny Runner!

It's not about vanity, it's about sanity! (This one makes me lol, yes, I'm a dork)

I wanna punch running in the face!(Get it? I'm flexing my muscles? Hardy har har)

And a sweet bumper sticker! I'm not sure about the word funner, must be a California thing. ;)
Off to class in my sweet new swag!


  1. love it! im going to steal one of your pics and post it tonight!

  2. Sweet shirts...she sold out super fast, glad you got some new shirts! The punch running in the face one is the best...I often want to punch running in the face...

  3. I found you from SR and you look totally tough! Love!
    I have hypothyroidism, too, but cheer up. I had some yoyo weight swings (um, got down to under 100 lbs once, back up to 135 in a month, no joke!) but it all evened out. Thank gosh. But I think my stretch marks from the speedy weight changes are permanent. Bleah.

  4. Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the encouragement! Glad you got evened out!

  5. Found you from SR-love the shirts!!!! Now a new follower!


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