Monday, February 28, 2011

I've lost 10 pounds!

And I can't believe it. I've been struggling with hypothyroidism so losing weight has been HARD. I was getting upset everytime I weighed myself and it kept going up. The last time I weighed myself I was about 158. I went to the doctor Friday and the nurse said I was 153 with my clothes and boots on. I weighed myself Saturday and I'm around 147.8. I'm excited because I wasn't even trying. Yeah I've been running(not really strength training) but I think a lot of it is from this primal eating method. I'm loving it so far.

The down side, I tend to get obsessed with weighing myself. At one point I was weighing myself multiple times a day. I'm going to try really hard to remember that it's not the number on the scale, it's how I feel and the way my clothes fit. I need to lose about 5 more for the Army and I'd like to drop down another 10 but progress so far is making me happy.

Apparently, I also have shin splints. I have these wonderful little knots up and down my shins. The husband says they're probably shin splints, they've probably been there a while and were aggravated by snowboarding on Saturday. My half is in 3 weeks. Awesome. He tried to massage them out, which flippin HURTS by the way.

Ever had shin splints? Any ideas how to help them?

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  1. Great job on the 10 lbs... Don't obsess.. Continue to make good choices and you will be there before you know it.
    Love Mom

    From Wikipedia

    Correct diagnosis of the cause of pain or discomfort is necessary in order to choose the most appropriate treatment.[14] Compartment syndrome may require immediate medical intervention, depending on the severity of the condition, while a stress fracture requires rest until the bone has healed. The inflammation of soft tissue known as shin splints can be initially treated with rest, ice, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy. Patients may be advised to decrease the duration or intensity of their exercise and then build it up slowly.[15] Specially fitted footwear or an orthotic may be used to prevent a reoccurrence of shin splints.[3][15] A study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that low-energy extracorporeal shockwave therapy was useful in treating chronic MTSS.[16]


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