Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here we go again

In the Chicagoland area, there is a website that lists all the police departments(PDs), fire departments and various public safety jobs that are open. I noticed that 4 PDs in my area that I meet the requirements for are doing their two year eligibility list. *sidenote* the way it works in IL to get hired as a police officer is you test with a police department, which is only every two years. If you are in the top(however many the PD is looking for) you are placed on a list that is good for two years. It's not a guaranteed job but getting on a list is the hard part* So here I am again, putting together application packets of my HS diploma, college transcripts, my military discharge paperwork, birth certificate, application for specific PD, blah, blah, blah. I also have to go do my POWER test, which is basically a state recognized test that shows you can pass a physical test. I want to take them my PT card and say "Look, I pass the Army PT test which is harder than your standards. If I can pass that, I can pass your test." Sadly, it does not work that way.

So now I'm mentally preparing and need to start doing some more lifting for my test in April. I signed up today to try a free session of Crossfit. I hear nothing but great things about it and I found a gym that gives a $20/mo discount for military/police/firefighter, woot! I got my laptop lunchbox in the mail so I've been using that two days now, now if I could just get my primal blueprint book. I'm excited for these changes. Hopefully I'll lose some weight, gain some strength and self confidence and kick some bootay!


  1. Good luck with the PD!!! I think you'd make an awesome police officer! But I don't think you need to lose weight, you're too hard on yourself girl! And wow, I just went overboard with the exclamation points lol!

  2. I could stand to lose a few. And the Army agrees ;) Thanks though. And you really should ease up of the !(!!!) lol.

  3. Lol this is the same way Philly hires their teachers, minus the PT test. All you need is a physical and a PPD test.


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