Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is wrong with people?

Snowboarding is a hard workout. Snowboarding on chunky ice covered snow is even harder. The slope(read: hill since we live in Chicagoland) was covered in ice since we had a nice sleet storm the day before. We were hoping for fresh powder since the weather dudes said 2-4 inches on Monday. Perfect day off right? It didn't start snowing until yesterday afternoon and it wasn't until this morning I walked out and had to clean off my car. Bullspit I tell you! They're a bunch of lying liars who lie.

Anyway, I spent most of my time walking up and down the hill as I tried to teach my friend C the basics of snowboarding. C has skateboarded for a while and picked it up pretty quickly. I tell you what, my legs hurt from booking it up and down the hill by foot. At one point I carried a little girl up the hill. Which leads me to the next part of the story.

The "resort" was pretty empty, only a few people out. There was a little girl, maybe 5 or 6, out on our green run by herself. The ENTIRE 3 hours we were there. I watched her fall, get back up, fall again and keep going. Hey, that's how you learn. Then on her way back up, she was holding onto the rope pull and fell. She got hurt and took her skies off, sitting there crying. WHERE are this girls parents? Siblings? Babysitter? So I look up the lift tower to which there's no one inside. This place is super small and they only have like two people on their ski patrol. I said "oh what the eff, small hill, I'll go get her" to myself of course, lol. I walked down, grabbed her skies and asked if she was ok. She sniffled and said yes. I offered her a piggy back ride and she smiled and nodded, so I took her up. At the top I realize she's wearing those $2 junk cotton gloves, jeans, a wool peacoat and a hat 5 times too big for her head. I thought that she had to be freezing and suggested she go inside to the "lodge" and find her parents. She nodded and walked off. C made it back up the hill and she asked if she was ok, I said yeah but WHERE THE HELL IS THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR HER? I found a ski patrol guy(finally) and flipped my lid about how they are irrensponsible and someone needs to find her family before she disappears. Overall, the place sucked and we probably won't go back.


But the day ended well as we warmed up at Buffalo Wild Wings and watched the BlackHawks win! Then I went to a birthday party for a dear friend and had a few drinks, laughs, hugs and kisses. The husband and I had a good talk and we seem to be getting along better since I moved out. Small steps.


  1. I think teaching someone to board is much harder than doing it yourself!

    And yay - that kids parents needed to get walloped on the head! That is just ridiculous! I mean, really, how do you think the poor girl felt having to be rescued by a stranger and all! Not cool!

  2. I pre-faced our "lesson" with "I am not a teacher. I will try my best." She said I did pretty well though.

    I can't stand people, let alone people who are crappy parents.


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