Wednesday, February 2, 2011

18.5 inches

That's what she said! Ha!

No really though, that's approximately what our snowfall count is from last night. It's hard to tell because it's still snowing and it's blowing/drifting everywhere. We had winds that topped 61 mph last night. The windows rattled, the snow is halfway up my garage door and my balcony(which is covered) has a foot of snow on it. It's plain crazy. I could probably get out of the garage if I wanted to(YAY JEEP!) but I don't want to. So I'm going to lay around in my PJs, eat some yummy food and watch movies. All while doing some homework. On the VERY plus side, my BFF has been staying with me as she transitions to a new job up here and does some apartment hunting so she's here to keep me company and we're having fun on our snow day.

This is our parking lot. They were plowing last night but must have given up at some point. Notice how the snow goes half way up the garage doors?

The other side of the lot where it appears they didn't plow at all.

This is our balcony which actually is covered. There's probably a foot out there. Poor kitty, he likes to go sit on the balcony but now he won't. He just sits at the door and watches.

I haven't had a snow day since I graduated high school. Why is it when you're a grown up, snow days go away? Especially because of my job. We are the National Guard, we have to be ready at all times so come into work anyway. Even they canceled work today! If you want to read our stats in the area, go to this website. I could go for a run today but I think since I'm only around 5'3" that the snow would be up to my knees, plus we still have white out conditions and I'm sure that there are still people out driving. And the gym is closed for today. I think the entire city of Chicago is on a snow day! Hope everyone is warm and safe!

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  1. It's crazy seeing all the images on the news. Hope you're enjoying cozy snow day at home!


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