Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We have a lot to talk about!

First of all, I am BEYOND EXCITED because I won a give away over at Life and running in Iowa! They gave away some fun little things from local shops in Iowa and a free entry into the Des Moines Half Marathon! I also get to meet Kier and Nick for pre-race dinner and although I'd like to keep up with Kier, I think just hanging out before and after will be enough ;) You know what else is exciting about this? Bart Yasso, THE Bart Yasso will be hosting the event. He's a legend and the article about him in Runner's World was amazing! I can't believe it! This is the biggest pick me up and I needed it so badly.

On a more serious note, I haven't been around for a few reasons. Snowmaggedon, work and school have been crazy. Plus it's still snowing like every other day so there's that. I also moved out of my house last week. I don't want to go into why or what happened. Please just know that this is for the best, whether things with my husband will work out or not, I can't say. But despite my lack of internet, furniture, and food in my apartment, I'm happier and feel like a weight has been lifted. I'm really focusing on me right now. My studies and fitness have become priority. I never knew being selfish could be so hard. I'm such a people pleaser that it kills me to put myself first. I'm in counseling and it's helping immensely.

So, my posts may be few and far between for a while(internet guy comes on Wed!) but I still read everyone's blogs and look forward to 2011. I knew I put one of my 2011 goals to better myself for a reason.


  1. So glad you are excited to run Des Moines! Not so glad to hear about how crazy your life seems right now.


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