Thursday, February 10, 2011

I have a plan!

Today I ordered


Only I didn't get all the stuff in the picture. Just the lunchbox.

So I've heard of primal eating and toyed with the idea for a while. I have(self-diagnosed) gluten allergies and it seems almost anything grainy makes me sick. The whole point of primal(or paleo) eating is to go back to the basics. Meat, fruits, veggies. Things that are natural and not changed by man. Now, I've been working my way down because I've heard that just quitting everything and going straight primal can be r-o-u-g-h. I also will probably be a little more lienent and use things like cheese, quinoa, rice, etc. The way I see it, they're grown in the ground too. Some primal/paleos don't eat starches/dairy, I think I will just limited and only healthy stuff. Like rice cooked in water, not with a bunch of soy sauce and what not.

Now, the lunchbox. I follow a friend Katie's blog where she packs on of the laptop lunch boxes every day. She(and her husband, I assume) eat vegetarian, but I think you can draw recipe inspiration from anywhere plus she'll give me an idea of how to pack this thing. To me, this looks like a lot of food, so in reality it will probably be lunch and two small(morning and afternoon) snacks. Which is fine since I prefer to eat 5 times a day and smaller portions.

I'm excited about these changes. It's my house so I keep only the food I want and eat how much and how often I want.

I currently have a friend who is burning me a copy of P90X. Sadly I think my gym membership has to go, I love it but it's expensive. Plus it will be warming up soon and I'll be running outside a lot more. Especially since now I'm running THREE half marathons this year. First is one is a little over a month away! Can you believe it?! Changes are coming and I'm excited!

What pushed you into changing something about your lifestyle?

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  1. Those bento boxes are so cute! I used to have aluminum ones I got from Japan but lost them in one of our moves. I'm tempted to order them now, thanks!


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