Saturday, February 19, 2011

I got my butt kicked.

By 40 mph winds. After sitting in the office most of the day yesterday, 3 pm rolls around and I look out the window and see sunshine. I had eaten a snack about an hour before and knew my stomach would be settled. I also knew that if I left work and ran when I got home, I'd be cut short because I'd run out of daylight(my commute is an hour). Good thing I brought my stuff with me! So I changed, laced up, grabbed my Ipod and off I went.

And then it happened.....the second I stepped outside of our office building, WHAM! Wind! And I mean wind that I had to stop and steady myself so I didn't fall into the building. I shrugged it off. It can't do that the whole time right? WRONG! By my office there's a nice riverwalk that is beautiful to run on, there's no cars, few people. Perfect. But it's a tiny path and did I mention it's a riverwalk? Like to the point I ended up running the road because I was afraid if the wind caught me just right, I'd end up in the river. And that water still has ice on it. No thanks.

So as I fight the wind and start warming up my Garmin beeps at me. Dead. Off. Awesome. Then begins the fight with my headphone. WHY can't I find headphones that fit my teeny tiny childsize ears?After about a .5 mile of fighting with them, they came out and I just ran with my Ipod on speaker. Whatever, no one was around me anyway.

I chugged and fought the wind and ran and then in all it's glory, I came upon the YMCA. I had set a goal just to make it there and head back. I circled the parking lot and headed back to the office. I got back into the office and the guys asked me what the hell happened since my hair was all over the place and I looked like a trainwreck. I laughed and just said "I got in a fight with the wind." But looking at the clock, I had been gone about 40 minutes and after looking at I figured I ran about 4 miles. I'm happy with that.

I'm going to start taking my phone on my runs so I can take pictures of the insanity that ensues. Never freaking fails.

So, what kind of headphones do you wear? Do you run with an ipod/mp3 player on? Do you like to be one with nature during your run? Run with a partner?

P.S. - Did I mention I'm working? Yes, on a Saturday. *sigh* But I love my job. Hopefully this day will give us some info we need for some new cases.

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