Thursday, February 24, 2011

WARNING: This post includes a vent and ramblings

I'm going to vent, to get it off my chest and real quick like. So my job consists of a ton of internet research. My state has a database that I'm supposed to input all the information I find on each subject. When I research all day, sometimes I don't get around to putting stuff into said database and I get a little behind. Well today I got a nasty gram from my HQ about being behind and the entries that I had done were crap and blah blah blah. I was so kind as to remind them that in HQ they have 4 (FOUR!!!!) people who do my job that I do alone. We're in the middle of one super huge case that could go federal and honestly I let it slip. I know I did but cut me some slack up here would ya? Being told I'm not doing my job on top of school, my Guard obligations, my possible failing marriage and my awesome half training, I'm a little stressed.


I have to throw in a quick shout out because I'm super excited about some exciting news. Recently, I've been reading a lot about/from/on Skinny Runner because she's super funny, cute, talks about running, (did I mention pretty ?)AND designed pretty sweet t-shirts. I've already placed my order and I can't wait to get them in the mail!

I'm also very nervous because tomorrow night my husband and I are going on a date. This is the first "date" we'll have been on since we separated almost a month ago. We've gone to counseling twice now and it has helped us hash out our issues and what our lack of communication barriers are. Our counselor thinks it's a good idea because she believes that all the hours in counseling won't help unless we can implement them outside of counseling. She suggested a simple dinner and movie date, no going back to one house or the other, just a simple, PG, first date. I'm nervous. He has a restaurant picked which he won't tell me and I think we've decided to see Unknown. Has anyone ever seen it? Any good?

Anyway, I'm off to wallow in my stress, anxiety and nervousness with a glass of wine and some Grey's Anatomy. Oh and it's supposed to snow tomorrow, good thing I have the day off!

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