Monday, January 31, 2011

I really might be snowed in!

From the weather channel/

Lakeshore Flood Watch for:

Winter Storm Alertsback to top
Blizzard Watch for:
De Kalb
La Salle

Guess where I live? C(r)ook county. And I work in Winnebago. My office area(about 1 hr from home) is expected to get 1-3 inches today and up to 12 inches tomorrow through Wednesday. At home we're expected to get 2-4 today, 12-18 tomorrow through Wednesday. I've already told the guys not to expect me in on Wednesday. I plan on going to the store and holing up in the condo. There is no point in me driving the hour to work, THROUGH the blizzard, especially since most of the guys won't be here either. Is it summer yet? *sigh* Just about a month and two weeks and I'll be in VA beach with my gorgeous friend Em.

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was great. It was exactly what I needed. The plan was to go down to Springfield to help a friend pack up her house and bring back a Jeep load of stuff. Well......we ended up meeting with some guys we deployed with for lunch on Saturday and well, wasted the day away. BUT, it was so worth it because the guys are always good for a laugh and a good time. We did get some packing done Sunday and were able to make it back to Chicagoland at a decent hour.

I have school tonight and(maybe) tomorrow. I was up late last night doing my Spanish homework which was due at midnight. Yeah, no more waiting until the last minute, I'm TIRED. But at least if I'm snowed in I have some time to get ahead on some homework. I'm also working on reconfiguring my budget to adjust to some things. I'll let you all in on the life changing things soon, promise! Just right now; if you're a praying person, I could use the extra prayers. If you're not, any extra good thoughts/juju/dust would be greatly appreciated for right now.

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  1. Have fun with all that fluffy white stuff... We've had almost 4 inches in the past 24hrs, but are only supposed to get a few more in the next few days. We are far enough north to avoid the snow..imagine that!


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