Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Know what I hate?

Rolling my ankle. I never in my life ever had issues with my ankle until right before my deployment in 2006. During deployment I had a pretty nasty sprain after I stepped in a hole(hardy har har, I'm a klutz). Now I roll it ALL the damn time. So annoying. Usually it's only a day or two of rest and I'm fine but some days are better than others. That's what happened during my run today. Awesome.

Know what I hate more? A crappy run. My scheduled 3 mi run turned into 2.6 because I just couldn't finish that last little bit because my ankle was throbbing. I rolled it around 1.5 but kept chugging thinking it'd be ok. Wrong. So now I'm in a bad mood and DH wanted pizza to watch the Sugar Bowl so I gave in. Pizza is on the way and I'm trying not to beat myself up about a semi crappy run.

On a positive note(maybe) today is indeed the Sugar Bowl and we in this house are Buckeyes fans. So, I leave you saying GO BUCKEYES!


  1. Sorry about the run. I always feel lousy cutting one short too, even if it ended up being good run otherwise.

    The ligaments and tendons are probably stretched out from your initial sprain making it more prone to rolling. Maybe there are some extra p.t. exercises you can do strengthen the muscles around it?

    Hope today is a better day!

  2. I should look into that. Thanks for the support. :)


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