Thursday, January 27, 2011

My life saver

So I was reading the blog of a girl named Jacki AKA "The Restless Blogger" and she talked about her winter skin woes. I frequent a health and fitness message board and a few weeks ago we talked about our favorite face moisturizers. I have *super* sensitive skin. As in too much of anything and I break out like a teenager, too little and my face is peeling, dry and itchy. I also have (self-diagnosed) eczema so I stay away from things with fragrances or harsh chemicals which tend to cause flare ups. So I have a product rave.

This is by far the best face lotion I've ever used. I've only been using it about two weeks but already have seen SO much improvement in my skin.

Previously I'd been using the Clinique 3 step system. I do love this system, it's gentle and helps keep my face clear. I actually use the bar soap instead of the liquid because it helps exfoliate without drying out too much. But sorry Clinique, the moisturizer just wasn't cutting it this winter.

I kept the same face wash/cleanser and just swapped moisturizers. HUGE difference. My skin isn't flaky but not oily either. I put a bit on the driest parts of my face(along my hair line, nose, cheek bones/under eyes) in the morning pre-make up. I let the moisturizer sit for about 5 minutes(get dressed, brush my teeth or something in the mean time) then put on my make up. I've discovered that this keeps me from looking cakey or oily. It gives the lotion time to absorb. I also take about 5 minutes in between my liquid foundation and powder(both also clinique, I can find the exact names if anyone is interested.)

At night, I wash my face with the 3 step system and slather on my Aveeno. I mean I put a whole bunch on there. I make sure to rub it in around the driest areas. A big key to moisturizing is to make sure you exfoliate. Sounds counter productive right? But if all you have is dead skin on top, where is the moisturizer going? No where. It's just sitting there. I don't use rough exfoliators like St. Ives or anything grimy, my bar soap works just fine. Hope this helps y'all!

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