Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 can suck it

Unless it gets it's stuff together and starts being nicer to me. For real. We're only 10 days into January and I want to cry.

- Our property taxes went up, a lot. Well, ok this was 2010 but it affects 2011's payments.

- Our mortgage went up, a lot. Like almost $300 a lot. We're now living outside the housing allowance I get plus we have association fees on top of that. Awesome.

- The bank's computers messed up around the 1st of the month and I spent a week freaking out because our mortgage payment hadn't come out yet. Luckily that all got sorted.

- I rolled my ankle my first week of half training.

- I tweaked my bad knee this last weekend snowboarding(which is by far the best part of 2011 so far).

- The people who have to put in saying I'm eligible for the military's health insurance somehow lost my new orders. I called today to make an appt and they say I have no insurance. Awesome.

- I came out from work today and someone hit my Jeep. It's dented and scratched over the rear tire well. No note, no accident report, just some jerk who took off. Awesome.

- The husband is going to be gone a lot over the next few months, I start school on Tuesday, have drill this weekend(so no break) and am sick. So I'm having a pity party. YAY Me!


  1. Man, it has been a rough start for you. Maybe you're just getting the trials out of the early. I hope that's all! May the rest of 2011 start looking up for you.

  2. I'm hoping that we're just getting it all out of the way too. Thanks :)


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