Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick update before the weekend!

So yesterday we found out that my extension packet is on hold. *le sigh* Right now I work as a temporary technician, so I get paid as a civilian. I may be temporary but because I have had the job more than 6 months, I am considered permanent and not eligible for a bonus. So we have to wait until I come off technician status which is 30 Sept. The trick is that my packet has to be complete, signed, and I have to be sworn in no less than 90 days from my ETS date, that would be 5 Oct. So, we're in for a tight fit but the people in my unit have assured me that it will happen. My packet is ready and the day I come off technician status, we sign, date and send it in. Keep your fingers crossed.

We're heading out for a road trip weekend! Thanks goodness since Chicago has an excessive heat warning AND an air quality warning. I feel like we're turning into California! We're going to Columbus to visit some family and friends tonight, then the four of us(Me, I.G. his cousin and his wife) are going to pack up and head to Pittsburgh tomorrow morning. We got preseason Steelers tickets for tomorrow! We will also be celebrating our friend Ron's birthday at a yummy place called Bucca Del Peppo. Heading home sometime Sunday. Busy...but fun weekend!

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