Sunday, August 1, 2010

Menu for the week!

When I make our menu for the week, I don't actually assign things for the days of the week. I got the idea from a dear friend KD. She makes a list of things to make and each day(or night before) her and her husband decide what sounds good for that day or the next. They cross it off the list. That way it's not an argument of "Well I don't want that." "Too bad because I already have all the stuff thawed." It's more of a menu, here's the options, which do we want, by the end of the week, we know what's left. So enough blabbering.

WW friendly broiled tilapia oreganata

Spaghetti and spinach meatballs from

Orange Chicken in the crockpot

And probably a night out since we have drill this weekend and will be forced to eat Army food. :P If not, I will probably just do some easy burgers or grilled chicken.

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