Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I swear I had stuff to blog about

And it all seems to have escaped me. I will be getting a few different types of recommended socks for running and will review those so look for that at a later date. Bear with me if I'm all over the place as I remember things.

Today, I think I figured out why I run. I get hurt playing sports. I don't have the fastest reaction times so I end up twisting, turning, getting hit, whatever. Playing volleyball tonight, the person in front of me(whom I thought had the ball) instead stepped out of the way so I tried to save it. My saving it was a "bump" to which it only hit the ends of my knuckles when it should have hit my forearms. The force of the ball then shoved my hands downward, bending my wrist in the wrong direction. I'm ok, a little sore and swollen, but I shall live. I think.....

I've also decided it's time to go see a doctor. I'm one of those people that will put things off forever and ever until I have a list of about 5 things I need to see them for and unfortunately it's usually different doctors for different things. 1) I need to check up on my thyroid, I'm supposed to do it ever 6-8 weeks, I think it's been about 10. Whoops. 2) I need to get my back fixed. My hips are off center which causes me some lower back pain, typically a quick trip to the chiro helps. 3) Feminine stuff, I won't bore you. ;)

That's all I've got for now, I reserve the right to blog again later. :D

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