Monday, November 22, 2010

The weirdest November ever

1st of all, it was 65 degrees today, along with thunderstorms and a tornado that actually touched down by my office. Thanksgiving is in 3 days! I have never, in the over a decade I have lived in Illinois, seen it that warm this late in the year. I have seen snow on Halloween, and of course Thanksgiving. But never this warm. The temperature is already plummeting, as they promised it would. It should be a brisk 30(ish) degrees on Thursday, there is talks of snow, but the ground is still too warm to stick. We have a saying here in IL "If you don't like the weather today, stick around, it'll be different tomorrow." Boy is it true this year.

Secondly, how is it Thanksgiving already? I guess time flies when you work, go to school(although I did take this semester off but went the last two), travel for pleasure, travel for training for work and you're busy all the time. So we're scrambling a bit for holiday plans. Up until today we weren't sure if IG would have to work Friday or not, so our plans have changed a dozen times. Now that we have plans nailed down(Thursday at home, Friday at my mom's, Saturday at my aunt's) we can relax a bit. This year will be pretty laid back anyway.

This weekend is also huge for us because it's the Ohio State vs. Michigan game. Did I ever tell you that we had tickets to that game? Those of you who aren't NCAAF fans probably don't care, those of you who know anything about it know that the OSU vs. Michigan game is one of the biggest rivalries in college football. Long story short, we bought some tickets for our anniversary that were OSU vs. Eastern Michigan from a friend who works at OSU. She mistakenly handed us the wrong tickets, actually the tickets for this weekend. Because she is a dear friend and we'd like to keep it that way ;) we called her and switched them back. It was nice to hold those tickets in our hands for a little while though. *sigh*

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