Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

9 years ago today, we were attacked on our own soil. That hadn't happened since Pearl Harbor. We watched in horror as the Twin Towers were hit and burned to the ground. We watched as the Pentagon came under attack. And we rejoiced for the plane that landed in a field in the middle of PA, sparing thousands of lives.

Where was I? I was in high school, my freshman year actually. I walked into my English class and the TV was on, I was a bit confused. Then I watched as the second plane hit. I was horrified. I have an aunt and uncle that live outside NYC and that work downtown. We got a hold of my uncle, he was fine, my aunt however was trapped in the subway system. The train before hers had been hit and they couldn't move. It took us hours to get word that she was ok.

This day was a landmark in my life. I decided that day that I wanted to enlist. I wasn't sure what branch or what options I had but damn it I had to stop these people from ever doing this again. And 3 years later, I did just that. I enlisted in the Army National Guard and have been in almost 6 years now. It's crazy to me how one day can change your entire life. But as sad as this day was 9 years ago, it was truly a start to the wonderful life I live serving today.

Never Forget. 9-11-2001.

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