Monday, October 4, 2010

It has begun

Today was my first day with STIC(Statewide Terrorism Intelligence Collection) They're a great set of people and although I'm dealing more with drugs than terrorism, they're great to learn from since the two are often related. There's always the fun in briefings and death by powerpoint. I'm super excited to get my hands on the databases tomorrow and start actually playing around and learning.

This weekend was a blast. My dear friend K was married. Her wedding was beautiful and although I ended up being an unofficial wedding coordinator, things went off without a hitch and everyone had a wonderful time. It was great to reconnect with a lot of military friends from deployment and catch up on the who's what's when's and where's. Man I miss those guys. Although it took me two days to recover from the festivities, I'm back up and running.

On another positive note, my bonus was approved and my re-enlistment/ extension packet was approved. So, I'm in until 2014 and hopefully my bonus will come around soon. The husband is working on finding me a little commuter car to beat up and tack miles on. I will drive my Jeep on snowy/icky days since it's 4x4 but we want a something a bit more gas efficient for the other days. All in all, busy few weeks around our house. And another wedding this weekend.

My oen and only aunt is getting married. I'll be honest(Sorry M!) I never thought I'd see the day. She's just such a strong, independent woman that I wasn't sure she'd ever settle down. I'm really excited and happy for her and her man. I can't wait to watch them be married this weekend. :)

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